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Youth Classes

Ages 5 to 10


Ages 5 to 10

Parents can expect children to learn basic movements, positions, takedowns, escapes and holds used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A typical class will start with warm ups, then move on to the planned lesson.  We always finish the class with a Jiu jitsu game or positional sparring.   They will improve their balance, strength, flexibility and build confidence through regular training.


Taekwon Do

Ages 5 to 10

Children will be introduced to the Traditional Martial Art of Taekwon Do.  They will learn the required patterns, step sparring, and theory needed to achieve the ITF Taekwon Do Black Belt.


Ages 5 to 10

The Kickboxing class introduces children to the various stances and striking techniques found in the different martial arts such as Western Boxing, Taekwon Do, and Muay Thai. Again, the class always starts with a warm up, lesson/technical training, then kickboxing games/positional sparring. This class focuses on improving  balance, flexibility, strength, agility and coordination. We keep it playful and fun!

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